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Supported by a $100 million National CENTURY 21 Advertising campaign with company-sponsored lead generation programs, including on-site custom design and marketing specialists, and multiple web sites.

All office equipment and technology necessary to maintain and build your business, including computer hardware/software upgrades. Professional in-house graphic design studio ready to create your personalized marketing materials & direct mail pieces.

STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY web site with agent biographies, map views via Google, Draw your own search area, street-level views, and automatic links for more exposure such as Yahoo! and Trulia.

The 100 days to Greatness program, along with our CENTURY 21 Commonwealth technical training: Company Culture, Lead Generation, Seller Presentations, Working with Buyers, Contracts and Legal Issues, and Buyer Agency. Plus relocation training, negotiating skills, powerful listing presentation, land sales, personal business development, new construction, working by referral.

On-demand management, on-site, on call 24/7 with over 200 years combined real estate experience. Managers provide individual mentoring and guidance, and regular educationally-oriented business meetings.

48 years’ reputation for honesty, integrity, and results in upscale environments with an enthusiastic team philosophy. Recognition programs and special events honoring high achieving agents and company milestones. Add a full-time relocation department, recruiting bonus, and purchase/sale of primary residence bonus.

“The tools they provided me with made all the difference! I had only 1 transaction before coming to Commonwealth and 10 after joining Commonwealth.” Ani Kessisian

“Commonwealth continues to train and educate us with all the upgraded and innovative technology. This keeps us topnotch and professional. The support we receive is valuable to my business.” ~ Bo Lee

“We believe a top-notch graphic arts and design department is crucial to any growing business. We feel Commonwealth offers the marketing and public relations support required in an ever-growing and competitive marketplace. It has made all the difference to our public image and helping us to keep our name in the forefront of buyers and sellers.” ~The Million Dollar Ladies

At Century 21 Commonwealth we offer a complete and ever-expanding training and education package to our agents. Our goal is to make it easy and inexpensive to gain the training our sales professionals need to perform. A strong level of commitment to our agents is what we are all about.

The Training Department at Century 21 Commonwealth guides agents through training on all aspects of a real estate career. Our highly-focused training sessions offer our agents practical skills, tools, and dialogue that can be used to generate more business and increase their ability to succeed in serving customers.


Results-oriented business system that helps you grow a successful career through relationships.

New agents average 1 closed and 2 pending sales in the first 100 days, and experienced agents average 7 closed sales in the first 100 days!

Shows you how to bring your business to the next level and MAKE MORE MONEY

To be a lead generator and produce a consistent stream of high-quality referrals

Allows you to generate business through referrals only

14-week program with step-by-step activities for real results

“I just signed my 2nd listing yesterday! Buffini's CAP and notes, I believe, did help me to stand out from other agents...they even had a friend who is an agent! Commonwealth’s agent training, including the 100 Days to Greatness program, is offered to both new and experienced agents, basically 'on the house' by a fantastic, inspirational, kind but strong-hearted trainer. I know in my heart that I'm going in the right direction and looking forward to many successful years to come.”~ Sari Pearce (Wellesley)

“The 100 Days to Greatness course has not only given me practical tools to quickly build my real estate business, but it has built my confidence in equally short measure. For me having a mentor and peers to be accountable to weekly keeps me honest and on track. I feel like I'm encouraged to leverage the activities that come more naturally to me, but am also encouraged to gain new competence on things that are more challenging.” ~ Lauri Kriva (Winchester)

“The 100 Days to Greatness program is great in that it provides insights to prospecting and gives structure and accountability to my efforts. I will take away valuable lessons in prospecting, setting goals and creating Clients for Life. I have measurable results to prove the program works - with one deal closing before I will have complete the course and several others in the works.” ~ Michelle Lane (Wellesley)

“I have been filled with many dialogues and procedures to teach me to perform in my new career as a professional real estate agent. Through much practice and guidance, my life has been transformed from a state of chaos to structure and competence.

In less than 100 days, I have accomplished getting four new property listings and am working with three qualified buyers.” ~ David Tessier (Needham office)

“In those first 100 days I managed to get my first listing which I never thought would happen. I have definitely gained confidence by learning "the dance". Without this training I truly feel that one could get lost in the business. It gives you a focus and makes you accountable for your activities.” ~ Paula Glazebrook (Holliston)

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